About Us. Why our clients LOVE to work with us.

We’re pretty serious about building our clients worth to their customers.  

A happy customer is valuable, A return customer – Priceless


Mark Wigston

Mark Wigston, Owner of Muskoka Graphics has been in the design for print business for many years Working as a self employed and consultant to all types of design for print and design for web projects From small local shops to Major Big-City companies. Extreme quality and meticulous care have proven that this company is destined to grow at a upward spiral.


Cindi Wigston

Although Cindi’s role in the company is mostly dealing with accounting and such, at times she puts in some spare time to take the phones and to deal with some paperwork to keep Mark’s eyes on the computer and producing work for his demanding and not so demanding clientele.  What’s a family business without family 🙂


Sophie Wigston

Mostly greets customers at the door, always with a friendly smile and no matter how hard the day was her tail is always up and wagging.  The newest edition to the company and I have found that for the most part it would seem customers are coming into the shop to see her and give her a cookie..  Where is MARK’S Cookie?

Truly World Class

Mark, Thank you for helping to build a truly world class website