Our Direct Mail services provide a convenient and low stress way for business owners to filter and distribute mail and shipments. Without mailing services, you will spend a significant amount of crucial work time preparing and sending mail to customers, investors and your target market. Your time is better spent developing and running your business. As a mail service provider we provide you with time and peace of mind, especially in regard to direct mail services.

Mailing companies include Canada Post, UPS, FedEx and Purolator. While most people only associate these mail service providers with large shipment needs, many of them provide other crucial business mail services.

Efficient office mail support covers the following aspects of your postal needs:

  1. Direct mail services and development and design of your direct mail items (such as postcards and brochures)
  2. Provision of a ready-made mailing list for direct mail services
  3. Mail service providers

What we provide

We are a complete, start-to-finish service provider. We take your concept into the design stage and once approved, we print or outsource the printing based on time constraints and financial needs. If bulk mail is the chosen method, we bundle and drop, taking care of all the necessary paperwork. If direct mail is used we address each piece, verify and drop the mail for you.

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