Properly rolled out, web surveys can reduce new product risk, generate insights about employees, customers, and markets, and align communications programs with target constituencies. But done poorly, they can derail your organization.

They can be used to evaluate your worth to your clients and evaluate the quality of your product in the minds of your target audience.

For example a Venue such as Peter’s Players, The Gravenhurst Opera House or The Kee to Bala can use surveys to determine the interest in a possible show, as well as the approximate value that show might hold.

How it works

Small business owners, development officers, sales and marketing managers, guidance counselors, HR directors and any other professional can use feedback from business surveys to innovate within businesses and help increase efficiency around business processes. You can send a customer satisfaction business survey, bounce product ideas off your target customers, send small business surveys, or analyze and track customer insights – all with Muskoka Graphics easy-to-use online business survey forms. Allow your business office to evaluate management, give meeting feedback and complete

What we do

We will design the form based on your product or service to provide valuable feedback from your customers. We will then install it directly on your Muskoka Graphics website. We can tweak it as your needs grow and provide you with an email marketing system as well to send out survey requests to your customer base.

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