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Being a guitarist for a very long time and had played professionally for over 23 years I was delighted when asked by Matt Schofield (who so many consider to be the finest blues guitarist of our generation) asked if I would be interested in building his new website.  Music people do stick together and Matt and I had been friendly with each-other for a number of years.  I was at a show of his and when hearing his guitar playing and tone was knocked down and speachless.  After buying literally all his albums and chatting with him at subsequent shows he had helped me with my purchase of a Two-Rock guitar amplifier a few years back which then was hard to get.  As well as my recent purchase of one of the finest custom made guitars in the world a SVL 61′ Reserve.

This new site has some amazing features to make Matt’s life much easier. It pulls all his posts from his Matt Schofield Official Facebook Fan page and puts them on the main feed on the front page. This helps enable the website to be new and fresh on a regular basis which is a huge plus for Search Engine Optimization. Also to save time and eliminate redundancy, as Matt puts new events on his facebook page or website they are collected and automatically added to the websites events system and Facebook events system. 

Commenting is also enabled and uses facebook for that as well. People that don’t use facebook can still see his feed on his website and people that wish to comment on his website also supply those comments on facebook for a solid home run for Search Engine Placement. 

Seeing the traffic for this website will be quite high, I have also added a spam feature that looks for spam comments and removes them based on credentials and a IP address database from a spam reporting agency. We want to ensure that you don’t think that Matt is selling Viagra or something

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Name Matt Schofield Date 04 Wed 2017 Categories Website Development Author mark
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